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Wildlife Habitat

The concept of developing a wildlife habitat was originally thought about in the 1988-89 time frame.  Jerry and Mary Ida had been traveling around the country and always seemed to be attracted to zoos, wildlife parks and bird sanctuaries.  Things began to firm up the closer Jerry came to RETIREMENT in 1996.  Work finally got started on moving all the dirt for the shallow water pond and establishing the warm season grass buffers in 2002.  We were really amazed at all the red tape and time it took to get the plans through the Natural Resources Conservation Service portion of the Department of Agriculture and Farm Service Agency.  The habitat has grown to encompass the entire 78 acres of the farm.  The portion of the wooded area which has been harvested for timber will have two small ponds established this summer and pathways are being established through out the entire area.  Wildflowers and sunflowers will be planted all around the perimeter of the habitat.  No hunting is allowed on the habitat.

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